GYSAPEO Ongoing Projects

Your Future Is Now

In recent years, we have seen and heard people with different pronouncements about the Nigerian youth.

Some schools of thought are of the view that Nigerian youths are not employable, their future is not now, only good to instigate crimes and other negative thoughts and impressions.

The youths of today are the driving force for the future, social actors of change, not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the partners of today.

Your Future is Now is a program centered on developing the capacity of Women and Youths by Mobilizing and cooperating them into various project groups (Clusters) for training, evaluation, empowerment, and mentorship in order to build a strong generation of young entrepreneurs.

This project is in line with sustainable development goals UNDP which aims at Eliminating poverty, zero hunger level, decent work and economic growth amongst others.

Project Aim

1. To mobilize and co-operate women and youths into various skilled and cooperate groups.

2. To train and empower the Women and Youths through their cooperative groups.

3. To monitor, evaluate and mentor them in all activities of their project on regular basis.

4. To create healthier and higher qualities of life for underprivileged or at-risk Women and Youth.

Project Beneficiaries

- Graduates

- Undergraduates

- Artisans

- Farmers

- Traders

- Deportees etc

Expected Outcomes

1. To appreciate the functions of cooperative societies, the engine of community development.

2. To engage Women and Youths in productive ventures that will make then self-reliant.

3. To build a crime free community.

4. To promote unity, growth, and development in the community.

5. To serve as a link and create a synergy between the government and the people.

Grow Naija, Feed the World

Grow Naija, Feed the World is a timely intervention towards the diversification of the economy from crude oil to agriculture.

The youth constitute 60% of Nigeria's population of which the staggering rate of unemployment closely copies that percentage.

Agriculture is the obvious choice for diversification and change. However, experience has shown that a range of issues and misconceptions negatively affect young people's attention to agriculture, these conventional impressions include:

1. Agriculture is not a job
2. It is meant for the elderly and senior citizens
3. It is dirty work
4. It is meant for illiterates and rural dwellers

Youths need to see the exciting prospects in taking Agriculture as a career path, and hence employ their efforts into it.

By creating Agricultural role models via the Grow Naija, Feed the World Reality Show, and creating a 'face' towards the venture, youths will be galvanized into considering Agriculture as a veritable economic tool.

This idea, though novel to Nigeria, is not entirely new to the world as the United States of America has been hosting a Miss Agriculture pageant since year 2009, and has recorded huge success over the years.

The target participants are youths between 18 - 35 years.

ICT For Growth

ICT4G is a series of programs and projects involving the use of information and communication technology for inclusive national growth.

This series includes;

(i) ICT training for youths
(ii) Development of web and mobile applications
(iii) Development of smart city solutions
(iv) Seminars, Workshops, Conferences

Our ICT training for youths is targeted towards the development of core ICT skills amongst the growing population of Nigerians. The training will be focused on the acquisition of proficiency in web development technologies.
Participants of this training will be equipped with the knowledge and tools required to plan, design and build websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Our trainees will be given a set of problems facing the society with a task to develop web and mobile applications to solve them.

This will promote their problem solving skills using ICT. They will then go on to start their own businesses providing ICT solutions, or work as in-house or remote members of tech teams of companies.

We would also facilitate the development of applications that will make Nigerian cities smarter, across sectors like agriculture, education, health, entertainment, transportation, security etc. Nigerians will begin to enjoy the benefit s of smart city apps.

ICT events (Seminars, Workshops, Conferences) will also be hosted regularly across the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria to discuss advancement and trends in ICT, enhance innovation and promote networking for growth.

Join Us In Building A Better Society.